Who We Are


Riverside Church is  group of ordinary people who care about you in an extraordinary way. The culture we believe you will find is one where you are accepted as you are and you can meet others who genuinely want to know you. Here we hope you can develop friendships, laugh, and enjoy life while also being able to share life's good moments and struggles with people who care about you. In other words, we desire for you to build relationships with others that are true and authentic—where you can be fully known and fully accepted without fear of rejection.


Additionally, we want you to find peace, security, and purpose which we know can only come from a relationship with Jesus. Jesus gave each of us  two simple but profound commands: to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength and to love others as ourselves. Simply, Jesus commanded our church to love people and we believe loving people means introducing them to Jesus and then showing them how to follow Jesus in a growing relationship. Likewise, we are to love one another in growing relationships that are meaningful and life-giving. We are about helping you grow into a person that embodies these values.


Ultimately any church that follows Jesus has been given a single commission and that is  to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20). Riverside is passionate about this mission. We are also passionate  about how we make disciples continually looking to Jesus for the method. Missionally we define this as making disciples who love and live like Jesus. We believe the method Jesus modeled is the most effective reproducible process for making disciples, a method we refer to as intentional relational discipleship. It is a life-on-life approach that connects us to Jesus and to each other in growing relationships. Therefore, our focus is on creating relational environments where people “do life together” and grow in Christ's likeness together, not on programs or classes. And this is how we define growing as a disciple of Jesus—a person who chooses to follow Jesus, is being changed by Him, and is committed to the mission with Him (Matthew 4:19).


So what’s next?

What we do at Riverside, simply put, can be considered a five step process:

5-pillars icon attendFirst, ATTEND a service Sunday morning and experience God with others.


5-pillars icon connectSecond, when comfortable CONNECT with others in authentic community.


5-pillars icon serveThird, as you grow in your relationship with Jesus and others get in the game and find a place to SERVE.


5-pillars icon shareFourth, SHARE your love for God with others.


5-pillars icon leadAnd finally, we are called to LEAD. Be trained and empowered to be influential at home, work, and church. Intentionally leverage your time, talents, and resources in order to make disciples.