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Vision Nationals Church

"Establishing God's Kingdom by training and planting through nationals and manifesting God's love and kindness through caring for the poor and needy in India."


Contact: Arjuna Chiguluri
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Planting Churches
Since 1992 Vision Nationals has worked with hundreds of church planters to plant more than 500 churches in India. And through an initiative called Ten Thousand Churches we are laying the groundwork to plant 10,000 more.
Training Nationals
We train nationals on two fronts: the urban front through Master’s College of Theology, our fully accredited Seminary; on the rural front we equip pastors using the BILD curriculum for theological training.
Caring for the Most Vulnerable
One of the great privileges of being a follower of Jesus is that we’re called to participate in God’s work in the world. As we join our King in caring for those who do not have the means to care for themselves, not only is God glorified, but we are aligning ourselves with an agenda that is sustained by the One David described as the “father of the fatherless and protector of widows.”